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Absolutely Free Screen Savers Review

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By looking at its homepage, it’s difficult to see that Absolutely Free Screen Savers offers a database chock–full of links to screensavers. Unfortunately, this service requires that you either download a toolbar or fill out a registration before you can access this database.

Adware/Spyware Safe

If you want a screensaver from Absolutely Free Screen Savers be prepared to download a toolbar as well. Toolbars almost always lead to adware/spyware; however, this adware can be deleted without harming the screensaver with an anti–spyware program.

Feature Set

Absolutely Free Screen Savers is a screensaver–link reservoir that grows almost daily. Although this gives you access to a larger pool of screensavers, with so many links it becomes increasingly difficult to find what you

Ease of Use

Most of the screensavers on Absolutely Free Screen Savers are transferred through zip files which typically require third–party software and aren’t as hassle–free as typical downloads.


All the screensavers that we downloaded from Absolutely Free Screen Savers were free of viruses. Also, because this service provides links to screensavers image quality widely varies from snapshots to complex digital images.

Search Categories

Absolutely Free Screensavers has a very extensive list of categories and its ability to search alphabetically in each category is a real timesaver due to the site’s poor organization.


Absolutely Free Screen Savers lists three sources for help and support. The service has customer support for the website, a detailed FAQ section and provides contact information for the screensaver authors.


Absolutely Free Screen Savers is a little rough around the edges due to sub par organization, but if you dig deep enough you find a treasure of high–quality screensavers.