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Freesaver.com Review

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PROS / This site has easy access to collections for Macs.

CONS / the site only links to other sites, which may put your computer at risk.

 VERDICT / Freesaver.com's strength is its screensaver collection for Mac computers.

Freesaver.com is our TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award winning screensaver service. Freesaver.com is a screensaver service which combines various developers and sites into one location. We were impressed with the feature set; especially files for Mac users. There are only a few sites that have products designed to work on Macs.

The options are plentiful; however, the quality is not always as good as it could be. It all depends on the talent of the author.

Though Freesaver.com examines each product for adware, it cannot guarantee that all images available through partnering sites will be totally free of spyware and computer viruses. They do not create any of the screensavers themselves. Instead, they locate, test, and post links to other sites that have free products available.

When downloading any program from the Internet, we recommend using anti-virus and anti-spyware software to provide protection against harmful programs that can threaten your computer.

Feature Set

Freesaver.com boasts a massive library and we found all of their links up-to-date and accurate. They give you two options to search its database; you can either browse through categories or use the search box. We found both methods worked well. The collection of each category was decent, always at least a dozen and varied. A detailed description, picture preview, file size, and rating are available.

They also feature a section that provides you with links to a few free screensaver creation programs. Here they explain the difference between using the freeware program and the shareware program. If you intend to distribute your creation, use the shareware software. Happy with having it on your own computer, the freeware programs will suffice. The Mac section of the website was not as comprehensive as the PC section. There was a variety of options, photographs to computer generated, but they were not categorized. They are neatly organized alphabetically. There is no search box available in this section. In order to get to the Mac section there is a small link only located on the homepage of the site.

Under the top menu item “Links” there is a good list of other sites to check out. While we did not take the time to look into all of these sites, please remember to keep your computer protected with anti-virus and anti-spyware software. There is a chance that one of these sites may contain harmful programs that can threaten your computer.

Ease of Use

Simply click to download a product and you’ll be automatically linked to the appropriate web page. (You’ll need to allow pop-ups or the download links may not work properly.) Some of the downloads are in ZIP format, so you may also need to download a free application to extract the files. On the help portion of their website, they provide a link to an application that would work for this process. When downloading any program off the Internet, we recommend using anti-virus and anti-spyware software to provide protection against harmful programs that can threaten your computer.


All products submitted to this site are tested for quality, viruses, and possible adware by Freesaver.com, so you can download relatively worry-free. Most products on the site have a rating out of three and we found their ratings to correspond to our own opinions.

The quality is dependent on the creator of the image. There were some images that were really clear and crisp while others were muddled and fuzzy. The thumbnails were not the best way to determine if the image was of good quality or not.

Search Categories

Almost all of their search categories were ones we looked for, and its collection is well-sorted and easy-to-find. The first few items in the list are the most recent. After that, they are in alphabetical order.

The search box was useful. After typing in the criteria, it brought up a list of the pages and gave a clip of the description. There could be upwards of seven items on a single page. The problem is you have to navigate to the page directly and can’t click on the descriptions themselves. There is no image available on the search page but you can search within searches. The criteria of the search box was the most comprehensive that we’ve seen during our research.


There is a troubleshooting section available with helpful information about the service’s download process. This section includes information on downloading, virus control, installing, and uninstalling. The instructions are clear and succinct. They only have instructions for people who are using a PC. They have a disclaimer at the bottom explaining that the products are not produced by them and to contact the authors for any questions regarding individual products.

In the about screen of Freesaver.com there is a brief introduction of how the site was started. Within that paragraph there is a link for people who want to submit their work to the site. The page it brings up includes all of their requirements for being submitted to their screensaver service. Once again they do not include an email but it is an electronic form that can be submitted.

There is also a Contact Us button toward the top of the homepage, which takes you to a page that shows six different options for contacting Freesaver.com. The first option includes help for downloading, installing or removing screensavers and takes you to the troubleshooting page mentioned above. The second option addresses how to add a screensaver to their listings and takes you to a page detailing the process. From the contact page you can also report a broken link or other problems relating to the site, or you can submit an online form detailing any questions or comments you have.


Freesaver.com is an impressive site with a huge library and easy-to-use search options. We found all of the products to be adware free. Though they do a thorough search for adware, we feel the service can’t guarantee everything to be adware free because it links to other sites. If you’re looking for an abundant source, Freesaver.com is a screensaver service to add to your favorites list.