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ScreenSavers.com Review

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PROS / The design was user friendly and the search box useful.

CONS / The selection is very bare.

 VERDICT / If you don't want to feel overwhelmed, this site has a decent selection and is easy to navigate.

The selection at ScreenSavers.com is not what we hoped it would be. It makes searching for the perfect image a breeze, providing many popular categories and handy search options to choose from. While there are other options available on the site, the screensaver service is bare.

On the bright side, you get full access to the entire library without even having to register.

All products available are 100 percent free. You also have access to onsite selections through this service—making it easier than ever to add life and personality to your desktop. The selection of images, while diverse, is very limited. There is no exact number listed anywhere on the site, we counted just over 200, and there may have been duplicates.

An easy-to-use search box and loads of well-defined categories, make browsing the massive library a pleasure. And, with large, clear picture previews, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting with each download.

They also give you the option to download images in regular or high resolution, which is a unique feature.

A very user–friendly design and a handy search box make the site a cinch to navigate. Once the desired product is found, you’re only one click away from completing your download. On occasion there would be a popup but it wasn’t too bad since there was only one.

One drawback to this service though, is it links to another site that requires you to download a toolbar in order to get the images. This toolbar will appear in the window and doesn’t do anything we found useful.

When downloading any program off the Internet, we recommend using anti-virus and anti-spyware software to provide protection against harmful programs that can threaten your computer.

The images are very sharp, offering some of the best detail we’ve seen. And the service’s high-resolution feature is especially useful for people using large monitors. They also scan every product for viruses, which we don’t doubt as we didn’t find any viruses on the downloaded files. Still, as with every download, make sure you have some kind of protection program installed to protect your computer.

Though the site does not boast as many categories as some of its competitors; however, we found the categories to be well-organized and bulging at the seams—these categories include nature, popular, and even a top six list. We also found the search box very useful when searching for images not listed in a specific category. The search box was not fool-proof; it would sometimes pick up vaguely related words in the description when it didn’t apply. We looked for “tree” and got a picture of a snowman because the description talked about Christmas trees.

Immediately after you successfully finish the download, a tutorial opens on how to get it working on your computer—making it easy for anyone to use. They also offer email support. We also tested this service’s consumer support with some questions via email. They responded promptly and answered our questions effectively.


Although offering a well-organized library and some of the highest-quality products, ScreenSavers.com isn't the best screensaver service available, with only 200 items to choose from.